Who Are we and What do we do?

Salt Creek Sanitary District (SCSD) is responsible for providing wastewater treatment services for the Village of Villa Park. We are a separate unit of local government independent of the Village of Villa Park. Although SCSD has the ability to levy property taxes we have chosen not to. Therefore, we recieve 100% of our operating funds through user fees.

Wastewater is delivered to our facility via Villa Park sewers where we provide modern up to date treatment. The treated wastewater (effluent) where 98% to 99% of the pollutants are removed is discharged to Salt Creek. IT should be noted that SCSD is one of seven wastewater treatment facilities discharging its effluent to Salt Creek. During low flow months in the summer and winter a good portion of the water flowing down Salt Creek is made up of wastewater treatment plant effluent.

Long time residents of the area have probably noticed that the quality of water in Salt Creek has improved tremendously over the last thirty years.

Board of Trustees

Raymond E. Hensley - President
Robert J. Taglia - Vice-President
William P. Dewyer - Clerk

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